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6mm specialists

Leva Canadian 6mm resin scenic specialist (15% to SoTCW members)
Navwar - 6mm specialists, new owners of Heroics & Ros
Scotia Micromodels - 6mm specialist - producers of Collectair 6mm Aircraft range

10mm specialists

Pithead Miniatures - WW2 (US, German, Hungary, Greece, Poland, Italy, Rumania, Russia)
Pendraken - Russo-Japanese War, French Foreign Legion 1920s, Vietnam, WW1, WW2

15mm specialists

East Riding Miniatures, 15mm WW2 figures (10% to SoTCW members)
Peter Pig15mm specialist - WW1, RCW, SCW, WW2, Viet Nam, Ak47
Quality Castings Inc.
Quick Reaction Force

20mm specialists

B & B Miniatures 20mm WW1 and Russian Civil War figures, vehicles and accessories (5% to SoTCW members)
B.W. Models 20mm WW2 (10% on orders over GBP 10 to SoTCW members)
Bandera Miniatures 20mm Spanish Civil War (5% to SoTCW members)
Battlefield Miniatures 20mm WW2 figures (10% to SoTCW members)
C.P. Models 20mm WW2 (5% to SoTCW members)
Dixons Miniatures WWII including British 8th army, Afrika Korps, Italian, Early war Germans, Russians.
East Riding Miniatures (10% to SOTCW members)
FAA USA Figures, Armour Artillery USA
Fibua Models 20mm buildings (10% in person, free postage on Mail Order to SoTCW members)
Lamercraft Mouldings, manufacturers and retailers of high quality 20mm WW2 figures and equipment sets (5% to SoTCW members)
Milicast 20mm WW2 resin vehicles (5% to SoTCW members)
Minimi Miniatures we offer a 10% discount to SOTCW members and are already list in the Journal.
Miniature Headquarters, an online mail-order company of high quality kits and figures (5% to SoTCW members)
MMS 20mm white metal WW2 vehicles (5% to SoTCW members)
Red Star Models 20mm resin vehicles - WW2, Modern (5% to SoTCW members)
Shell Hole Scenics 20mm resin buildings (10% to SoTCW members)
Stonewall Figures, Manufacturer of Combat Miniatures UK (Hotspur)
Tumbling Dice Miniatures 20mm WW1 figures (10% to SoTCW members)
Under the Bed Enterprises WW2 and Korean War (10% discount for SoTCW members)

28mm specialists

1st Corps has various 25mm ranges, including WWII and Korean War
Amazon Miniatures - 28mm Balkan Wars & WW2
Baker Company - 28mm Vietnam, Winter War & Zulu War (10% discount for SoTCW members)
Battle Honours UK 28mm WW2 figures, vehicles & accesories (10% discount for SoTCW members)
Bolt Action Miniatures - 28mm Late WW2 figures (10% discount for SoTCW members)
Brooks Miniatures, 28mm modern figures
Crusader Miniatures, 28mm WW2
Dixons Miniatures WWII including SAS (jeep), Commandos, Resistance and late war German.We are also working on some generic civilian types which can be used for WWII, Gangsters and 1938; we also do a range of gangsters and Japanese Yakuza
Eureka Miniatures - Australian figure manufacturer, 28m Viet Nam & Teddy Bears
Great Escape Games Publisher of "Rules of Engagement", wargaming platoon sized actions in WWII, with accompanying miniature range.
Heroes of the Dark Age 28mm Vikings, Saxons & Ancient Greeks + accessories (10% discount for SoTCW members)
Minimi Miniatures we offer a 10% discount to SOTCW members and are already list in the Journal.
Mongrel Miniatures - 28mm Modern (80s)
New Zealand Wargames Models - 1/56th scale resin WW2 AFVs (5% discount for SoTCW members)
Sloppy Jalopy - 28mm Interwar trucks
The Assault Group, 28mm modern figures
West Wind Productions - 28mm WW2, Viet Nam

Magazines, rules, books, etc

A & A Game Engineering Air & Sea wargames rules (10% to SoTCW members)
After The Battle Magazine - then & now historical comparisons and small unit actions
Ambush Alley Games - (rules and accessories) 10% society discount through their web-shop only
Skirmish Campaigns- Skirmish campaign books & Arc of Fire Rules
Britton Publishers, publishers of the Final Combat 20th Century Skirmish Rules
Classic Books - publishers of the Jadgwaffe Colours series
The English-language web site of Dadi & Piombo, an Italian wargames magazine. SoTCW members get a 10% discount on subscriptions to the magazine.
Free Wargames Rules, the place on the web for free miniature wargame rules
GB & SD Hobbies. Authors of Panzer Marsch WWII rules. Hammer Wargames, publishers of the Metal Storm rules for ultra modern small wars
Great Escape Games Publisher of "Rules of Engagement", wargaming platoon sized actions in WWII, with accompanying miniature range.
Helion & Company Ltd Specialist booksellers and publishers in C20th military subjects
Hersants Military Books
Jane's Publications
Lost Books, used/antiquarian books (5% to SoCTW members)
Magweb (On-line wargames magazines)
Military history books at Amazon UK
Military Modelling covers all aspects of modelling military subjects
Miniature Wargames e-commerce website
Motor Books - London based, very good aviation section
Naval Military Press - very wide range of mostly 20th Century subjects
Old Dominion GameWorks - rules, terrain, etc.
Tabletop Games Ltd publishes a wide range of rules, supplements and historical guides for playing wargames using miniature figures. (10% discount to SoTCW members)
TAC WW2 - WW2 regimental level ruleset
Too Fat Lardies, "an ever growing range of rule sets for what we think are discerning wargamers" (10% discount to SoTCW members)
Vae Victis - French wargames magazine
Vandering Publications publishers of Shipwreck and naval publications (5% to SoCTW members)
Wargames Journal "The online magazine & resource for Wargamers everywhere"

Other businesses, shops, etc

Airbattle, air combat wargames
Belle & Blade war films and lots of other stuff
Brigade Games manufacture WWI figures for Western front and Africa, as well as carrying ranges from various other manufacturers.
Brookhurst Hobbies wargames supplies in all scales (10% on orders over $25, 15% on orders over $75 to SoTCW members)
Combined Arms US stockist of Britannia 20mm WW2 and 25mm Moderns (5% to SoTCW members)
Fernando Enterprises, a figure painting service based in Sri Lanka
Fidelis Models offer 1/87 scale military vehicle model kits and 1/72, 1/87 & 20mm soldier figures (10% to SoTCW members on orders over $50 - use coupon code SOTCW-VXTP during checkout.)
Hikoki - Aviation specialist
The Honourable Lead Boiler Suit Company, 28mm RCW and some WW1, including AFVs, but also 36mm Ultra moderns
Hovels resin wargames buildings in 6, 10, 15, 20 and 28mm (5% to SoTCW members except on Credit Card orders)
Irregular Miniatures: 2mm to 54mm figures & accessories, 1:1200 battleships, rules, etc
Langton Miniatures naval specialist (10% to SoTCW members)
Marbeth Designs resin scenics and 28mm SF vehicles (5% to SoTCW members)
Mikes Miniatures (5% to SoTCW members)
Minifigs, providers of Historical re-enactment miniature model soldiers & Army, Sci-fi and Fantasy figures for the hobbyist
North Star, 36mm WW2
Oblivion painting service (10% discount to SoTCW members)
Outpost Wargames Services wargames supplier (10% to SoTCW members)
Pacific Sky Games is an International Distributor specializing in Historical Miniature Games and Accessories.
Panzerschiffe - 20th century naval specialists
Paper Terrain sells paper wargame buildings suitable for World War II in 6mm, 10-12mm, 15mm and 20mm scale
Pendraken 10mm specialist - figures, vehicles, scenics, aircraft (10% to SoTCW members on orders over £50)
Raiden Miniatures Miniatures Produced - 1/285th Scale Aircraft, 71 Chiltern Green, Southampton, Hampshire, SO16 4BA
Red Dragon Terrain Scenery and terrain for 28mm wargames
Resina Planet are manufacturers of scenery of high level for wargames with miniatures in scale of 15mm, and scale 28/32mm
S & S Models, 1/76 & 28mm resin models & white metal figures. Free P & P to UK members, 10% off to other members
Scale Model Accessories Ltd, suppliers of high quality resin products
Skyraider Miniatures 1/300 WW2 and Modern aircraft (5% to SoTCW members)
TimeCast, historic buildings in miniature
TM Terrain, custom-made terrain for wargamers, plus a figure painting service (10% off terrain, 5% off figure painting to SOTCW members)
Wargames World Hobby Articles, including articles on painting, scenarios, terrain making and tactics.

Painting Services

Reinforcements by Post: Painting service based in Bangladesh. Run by an SOTCW member.